Surin ex-headman’s incense ritual unveils lucky lottery numbers

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A revered former village headman ignited incense sticks that revealed auspicious numbers in Surin province yesterday, continuing a streak of providing winning lottery numbers over several draws.

The ex-village headman, 61 year old Bai Kannula, led relatives and his family in a ritual to honor the household spirits at his residence, No. 52 in Ban Ka, Nong Khawaw sub-district, Sikhoraphum district, Surin province.

The ritual, a deeply rooted tradition, was particularly poignant as it followed the death of Bai’s mother during the construction of a new spirit house on March 1. It was during this recent construction that incense sticks were first lit, yielding the number 930, which locals interpreted as 630, bringing widespread fortune to those who included it in their lottery selections.

Again, on March 16, incense burning revealed the number 87, which led to several people winning the two-digit prize in the lottery, prompting the former headman to adopt a low profile. Nevertheless, the family gathered once more to perform the spiritual ceremony in the hope of seeking luck for the upcoming April 1 lottery draw.

This time, the incense sticks pointed to the number 937, a revelation that came after offerings of butter cakes, beer, orange juice, sweets, and fruits were presented at the newly erected spirit house: a symbol of prosperity and good fortune.

The construction of the ancestral shrine was a private family affair, carried out with the simple desire to bring happiness and prosperity to Bai’s family and relatives. The numbers perceived from the incense sticks during the ritual, 837 and 937, are now being closely watched by those willing to take a chance in the lottery, with a particular focus on the prominent number 7.

For the three-digit draw, the numbers 837 and 937 are contenders, while the two-digit hopefuls for April 1 are 37, 73, 97, and 87, reported Sanook.

In related news, a local woodland area was astir as the remains of Ajarn Thong-Kumari, a venerated figure, were unearthed after being buried for over 20 years. The body was remarkably well-preserved, and many believe it bears significant numbers for the lottery.

The upcoming draw on April 1 is highly anticipated, with a flurry of lucky numbers from various sources, including Vinnai Kraibutr, the Chinese calendar, and other notable institutions, each suggesting their own set of promising digits.

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