Speeding car kills grandfather and grandson on way to school

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A tragic accident occurred when a motorbike carrying a grandfather and his grandson to school was struck by a speeding car this morning, resulting in their deaths. The collision was so forceful that the school bag of the young boy had been stencilled to the front of the vehicle

Deputy Inspector of Bang Pakong Police Station, Police Lieutenant Narongsak Linthong received a report of a car crash involving a motorcycle on Sukhumvit Road heading towards Bang Pakong. Police and Chachoengsao rescue units quickly rushed to the scene.

At the site, a red-black Honda motorcycle was found severely damaged and overturned in the middle of the road. Nearby, the bodies of two victims were discovered. The deceased were identified as 66 year old Mueang and his 9 year old grandson.

Both bodies were lying face down close to each other. Rescue officials transported them to Bang Pakong Hospital for an autopsy to determine the exact cause of death.

A short distance away, a Mitsubishi SUV was parked with severe damage to its front end. A black school backpack was found lodged into the front of the speeding car. The driver, 44 year old Narongsak, sustained chest injuries due to the impact with the airbag.

In a statement, Narongsak explained that he was driving in the right lane at high speed when the motorcycle suddenly switched lanes from left to right, cutting directly in front of his vehicle. This unexpected manoeuvre left him unable to brake in time, resulting in a violent collision that caused the fatalities, reported KhaoSod.

Further details about the accident and the condition of Narongsak are expected to be released after a thorough investigation. The tragic event serves as a grim reminder of the importance of road safety and vigilance, for all road users.

In separate news, a man tragically lost his life in Nonthaburi after being struck by a six-wheeled truck while riding his motorcycle on Rattanathibet Road yesterday. His skull was crushed following a failed overtaking attempt.

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