• Cannabis

    CBD oil review: best cannabis oils to buy in Thailand in 2022

    Press Release CBD oil, also referred to as cannabidiol and sometimes cannabis oil, is widely available in Thailand. You get to enjoy the health benefits of marijuana, minus the high part that some find unpleasant. However, there are so many different cannabidiol oils to consider that it can be difficult to make the right pick that fulfils your requirements. With…

  • Video

    The Best Place for the Finest Foods | Tops Fine Foods Sukhumvit 49

    If you are someone who lives to eat and enjoys the finer things in life, then TOPS Fine Food is exactly the place for you to go and stock up your fridge. It can be difficult sometimes to find one place that has it all. With more than 8,000 items across various products, such as cheese, cold cuts, meat, seafood,…

  • Thailand News

    Our take on the new GWM Haval H6 ULTRA

    The recent launch of Great Wall Motor’s 2021 Haval H6 ULTRA Hybrid SUV in Thailand, has definitely set car lovers’ tongues wagging. Around 3 months ago, GWM announced it would be introducing the new H6 Haval ULTRA (the top model for the Thai range) with an accompanying theme of ‘It’s Time to CHANGE.’ The SUV is a true hybrid, including…

  • Thailand News

    Thailand News Today | Week In Review | February 6

    Thailand News Today covers five days of the news week. Now we have a weekend edition which goes over the biggest, or best stories, from the past week. Out every Saturday afternoon, catch up with Jett and Tim’s major Thai news stories. Welcome to the Thailand News Today Weekend Edition.

  • Thailand News

    Koh Chang hotel agrees to drop charges against American “if he issues public apology over his bad reviews”

    A Koh Chang hotel has agreed to drop charges against an American if he issues a public apology over his bad TripAdvisor reviews. The American, Wesley Barnes, has agreed to the conditions put forward by Sea View Resort in exchange for avoiding up to 100,000 baht in fines and a possible jail time of up to 5 years. The hotel…

  • Thailand News

    The man who wrote the bad reviews for Koh Chang’s Sea View Resort has a criminal record

    In the ongoing stoush between the American, Wesley Barnes, and Koh Chang’s Sea View Resort, the story is now reaching way beyond Thailand’s borders, being reported in mainstream media around the world. Much of the media discussion has focused on whether it is appropriate to be able to sue people over a bad review with criminal defamation. Defamation is a…

  • Expats

    Koh Chang resort sues American over bad review

    A Koh Chang resort is fighting back and, reportedly, suing an American citizen after posting a nasty online review on TripAdvisor. After recently visiting the Sea View Resort on Trat province island in the Gulf of Thailand, American Wesley Barnes wrote an unflattering, almost bitchy, account of his stay prompting the owner to file an official complaint over the ‘unfair’…

  • Việt Nam

    Tập 12 “Quân Vương Bất Diệt” lộ cảnh “giường chiếu” khiến fan bấn loạn

    Cảnh hôn của bệ hạ Lee Gon và vương phi Diana – Tae Eul trong Quân Vương Bất Diệt tập 12 đang khiến fan náo loạn. Hôn hít xong là đến cảnh đèn mờ. Tập 12 The King: The Eternal Monarch (Quân Vương Bất Diệt) đã xoa dịu khán giả với loạt “thính” cực phẩm với phân đoạn tình cảm chất lượng…

  • Việt Nam

    Rating tập 6 Quân Vương Bất Diệt có chút khá khẩm, nhưng vẫn bị đánh giá tệ

    Qua nhiều tuần công chiếu, nhưng The King: The Eternal Monarch (Quân Vương Bất Diệt) vẫn có diễn biến ‘bình bình’ mà không có chút đột phá, gay cấn nào khiến tác phẩm trở lại của Lee Min Ho lẫn biên kịch Kim Eun Sook chìm nghỉm trong trận chiến phim Hàn tháng 5. Vậy là Quân Vương Bất Diệt đã…

  • Việt Nam

    Quân vương bất diệt tập 6: Tạm xa Tae Eul, Lee Gon phải đích thân ra trận khi chiến tranh Hàn – Nhật nổ ra

    Mới đây, Netflix đã tung ra preview mới cho tập 6 The King: Eternal Monarch (Quân vương bất diệt) hé lộ sẽ có một trận chiến trên biển giữa đất nước của Lee Gon (Lee Min Ho) và kẻ thù. Lee Gon dặn dò Tae Eul chờ anh trở về. Trong khi đó, ở một diễn biến khác, nữ thủ tướng…

  • Northern Thailand

    ‘The Cave’ – covers a lot of ground but misses some key details

    The Thaiger went to the first session of Tom Waller’s ‘The Cave’ and loved it. It’s frenetic, it’s very busy and it covers a lot of territory regarding the scope of the saga. But it also lacks focus, a lot of the actors play themselves with varying success and, well, we already know the (mostly) happy ending. But the overall experience…

  • World News

    “The Great Hack” makes you think twice about how you use social media

    It’s a documentary about Cambridge Analytica. You know, that dodgy company you’d never heard of until The Guardian and New York Times did some real reporting and dug into the deep, deep hole we’ve dug for ourselves by leaping into social media without reading the fine print. It’s a Netflix production as the online streamer continues to become a mainstream…

  • Thailand News

    New iMac models – same, same but 2.4 times faster

    by Paisal Chuenprasaeng “The all-in-one design looks elegant and sleek. Everything – display, processor, graphics, storage and memory – is contained inside one simple enclosure.” More powerful yet just as slim and sleek as earlier models, Apple’s new iMac is now powered by 8-core Intel 9th-generation processors and its graphic horse power is unleashed by superfast Radeon Pro Vega graphics.…