SMART Visa and How to Start a Business in Thailand | True Digital Park

There are many different types of ways to start up a business in Thailand.
But if you are looking to live, learn, work, and play while also running a start up business in the Kingdom,
then you might want to consider the True Digital Parks startup booster.
Launched in February 2018, the SMART Visa, is designed to attract highly skilled manpower
and investors to help accelerate the development of the country’s targeted industries.
However, obtaining the Smart visa through the BOI and the government will only grant you a visa for 6 months.
The most convenient, cost effective and efficient way to startup a business
and work in Thailand would be to get a smart visa with endorsement
by True Digital Park Not only is it extremely simple to get the endorsement for the SMART visa with True Digital Park,
but it’s also super SMART.

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