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    Everything you need to know about making Thailand your new home (with LTR Visa)

    Thailand has earned its stripes as one of Asia’s top destinations for expats itching to swap the ordinary for the tropical. It’s not just about sipping coconut water on sandy shores, though. Thailand has truly blossomed into a regional hub for living and doing business. And if you’re thinking about packing your bags and diving into this enchanting country, the…

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    What are the visa options for digital nomads in Thailand

    The digital nomad visa in Thailand is a popular choice for remote workers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs who want to live and work in this beautiful and welcoming country. While Thailand does not offer a dedicated digital nomad visa program, individuals can explore alternative visa types to suit their remote work and travel needs. With the digital nomad visa in Thailand,…

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    SMART Visa and How to Start a Business in Thailand | True Digital Park

    There are many different types of ways to start up a business in Thailand. But if you are looking to live, learn, work, and play while also running a start up business in the Kingdom, then you might want to consider the True Digital Parks startup booster. Launched in February 2018, the SMART Visa, is designed to attract highly skilled…

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    4,000 Evacuated as Typhoon Noru hits Thailand | GMT

    Thailand to extend Smart Visa scheme to draw talent. 4,000 are evacuated as storm Noru hits. Thai lotto winners reward ghosts with a pricey Japanese feast. Politicians urged to wear Thai suits to save energy. Prasert levels 6-billion corruption accusations at Prayut. BMA reveals Bangkok druggies buy Yaba online. – all are coming up today.

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    TAT and Airbnb are working together for digital nomads

    To attract remote workers or digital nomads, Airbnb is collaborating with the Tourism Authority of Thailand on a number of projects, including the creation of a special Thailand hub that will feature the best long-term rental properties in the country as well as important details about entry requirements and current visa regulations. Airbnb will also collaborate with TAT on educational…

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    Cabinet announces changes to Thailand’s SMART visa

    To accelerate the development of the Thailand’s “target industries,” the Board of Investment offers a 4 year SMART visa to foreign investors, executives, entrepreneurs and highly-skilled experts. Yesterday, Thailand’s Cabinet announced changes to the SMART visa requirements and expanded the list of targeted industries. The Cabinet did not specify when the changes would come into effect. SMART visa holders are…

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    Cabinet approves measure to entice “high potential” foreigners to Thailand

    The cabinet has approved a measure to entice “high potential” foreigners, such as wealthy retirees and specialists, to spend a prolonged period in Thailand. The measure is a bid to promote foreign investment and to improve the struggling economy. The 4 groups that the government hopes to attract to Thailand are high income earners, foreign retirees, experts in different fields,…

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    Starting up your business in Thailand the easy way with True Digital Park

    Sponsored Article Looking for guidance in starting a business in Thailand? Look no further than the TDPK Startup Booster Program. This one-of-a-kind startup package is tailor-made to help you kick start your business journey in SE Asia. Not yet in Thailand? Don’t worry as you don’t even need to be in the country to take advantage of this program. Wherever…

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    The challenges for the digital nomad in Thailand | VIDEO

    Ah yes, the challenges of being a digital nomad in Thailand. What is a digital nomad? People who can do their job anywhere in the world with just a laptop, tablet and wi fi (preferably free wi fi). Thailand has the scenery, wi fi access, speed and lots and lots of coffee shops (with excellent coffee these days). But there…

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    New Smart Visa rules in the works for digital nomads in Thailand

    Digital nomads in Thailand might soon be able to apply for the Smart Visa, allowing an up to 4 years stay without a work permit. The Board of Investment, or BOI, is proposing changes to the visa requirements to allow foreign freelancers to apply for the Smart Visa. The rules have already been approved by the Centre for Covid-19 Situation…

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    Government tentatively approves visa amendments to bring in more investments

    In an attempt to bring in future investments to the country, the government has tentatively approved amendments to the criteria of granting permanent residence and smart visas to foreigners. The Centre for Economic Situation Administration says the new amendments may allow foreigners who purchase condominium units under certain rules to gain permanent residency. Such stipulations, however, include applicants purchasing the…

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    Smart Visa qualifications updated

    The Smart Visa scheme was introduced last year as a new category to recognise the changes in people visiting and working in Thailand, and the skills the Thai Government are trying to attract to the Kingdom. Now the government’s introduced a fine-tune to the new visa, adding three new professions suited to the so-called Smart Visa. The cabinet has approved…