Shocking discovery: Man found dead in road pipe in Pathum Thani, friend flees scene

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The Tanyaburi Police Station in Pathum Thani province reported the discovery of a man found dead, submerged in a communication pipe in the middle of the road. A dispute with a friend who had fled the scene was confirmed, prompting an urgent investigation into the mysterious death.

Lieutenant Colonel Puttipong Yokchom, an investigative officer from Tanyaburi Police Station, received notification of a deceased individual found within a communication pipe in the middle of the road, adjacent to Klong Ha, in front of the Social Development and Welfare Centre, Pathum Thani province.

Upon receiving the report, the police accompanied by an officer from the Pathum Thani Provincial Rescue Volunteer Foundation and officials from the Social Development and Welfare Centre, arrived at the scene. The communication pipe was located in the centre of the road, where road construction had been taking place. The officers found debris including broken bricks, gloves, water bottles and traffic cones scattered around.

Upon inspection inside the communication pipe, the team discovered the deceased man lying face down in the water, dressed in a reflective green shirt. The officials feared an electrical current may have been present within the pipe, so they coordinated with the local electricity authority to cut off the power before retrieving the body.

The deceased was a man, approximately 35-40 years old, of unknown nationality. He was wearing a long-sleeved grey T-shirt, long grey jeans and canvas shoes. No identification documents were found on the man, only a flashlight and a pack of cigarettes, reported KhaoSod.

Kung, or Chisanupong Mookda, a 38 year old official from the Social Development and Welfare Centre, provided information that around 2.30am, he noticed a woman and another man asking for help to rescue their friend stuck in the pipe. They claimed another friend had already been rescued and taken to hospital, but they were unable to help the deceased as they feared an electrical current.

Shortly after, a pickup truck arrived with three men on board. Following a heated argument, the group of six to seven individuals fled the scene in the direction of Klong Luang, with one person leaving on a Sonic model motorcycle.

The site of the incident was a roadwork area, and it was speculated that only individuals familiar with the location would know of the communication pipe. Furthermore, Kung had previously noticed workers digging communication pipes in the area.

Initially, Lt. Col. Puttipong recorded the scene as evidence and handed over the body to the officials from the Volunteer Foundation to transport to Thanyaburi Hospital. The officer is coordinating with the highway department to verify if any contractors were working in the area to determine if the deceased was an employee. The companions of the deceased are also being sought for questioning to aid in the ongoing legal proceedings.

In related news, the mysterious death of 57 year old monk in Ang Thong temple prompted a police investigation. A decomposed body was found with wounds.

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