Criminal suspects nabbed by security forces in Southern Thailand

Photo: KhaoSod

A group of criminal suspects wanted for multiple security-related offences, were apprehended by officials in Thailand. The incident occurred when the suspects, driving a blue Toyota car, attempted to evade a police checkpoint in Narathiwat province.

Following a pursuit by law enforcement officers, the suspects were detained. It was later revealed that one of them, 28 years old Azman Paola, was wanted for 13 separate security-related charges, including a bomb attack on a teacher protection unit in Songkhla province in June 2019, which resulted in six injuries.

The criminal suspects, all male, were identified as 22 year old Sufyan Wate, 41 year old Ibrahim Waha, 24 year old Sehabuddin Paoka, 25 year old Suhaymi Wate, and 28 year old Azman Paola. Following their arrest, the police conducted a search of their vehicle and discovered evidence including surveillance notes on police activity and a flag symbolising a violent group. The suspects were then taken to a detention centre in southern Thailand for further investigation.

In response to the arrest, Lieutenant General Santi Sakuntanak, Commander of the Fourth Army Area and Director of Internal Security Operations Command Region 4, ordered his officers to treat the criminal suspects in accordance with the law and human rights principles. He emphasised the need for transparency and respect for human rights throughout every stage of the process.

The public has been urged to report any suspicious activity to the security agencies or directly to the Internal Security Operations Command Region 4 front office at 1341 or 061-1732-999, available 24 hours a day.

It was also clarified that anyone found harbouring or aiding criminal suspects in any way, such as providing shelter or food, would be liable to prosecution under Section 189 of the Penal Code, punishable by up to two years in prison or a fine not exceeding 40,000 baht or both reported KhaoSod.

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