Schoolgirl receives warning letter after violating school rules by wearing a wedding dress

A schoolgirl received a warning letter from her school for violating the rules by wearing makeup and a wedding dress to advertise a wedding studio owned by her family. The story went viral on social media with netizens slating the school.

The owner of the Nong Mee Wedding Studio in the central province of Lopburi shared pictures of his sister and the school’s warning letter on Facebook today.

The caption said…

“I would like to apologise to the Chai Badarn Pitthayakom School if being a model for a wedding studio is against the school rules. My sister did not get married. She is just a model. She is my sister. We are a family and live in the same house.”

The warning letter stated that the Grade 6 schoolgirl, Parewa Pholdee, violated school rules by putting on make-up and a bride costume. It led to a misunderstanding because the school thought Parewa had got married.

Parewa signed a document to acknowledge her wrongdoing. The school director and the administrative teacher also signed the document to confirm that the girl admitted her fault.

The penalty for the girl’s action had not been written in the document, and the post did not suggest how the girl would be punished for coming to school as a wedding studio model.

The post went viral on Thai social media and received over 3,000 reactions and 900 comments. Most Thai netizens agreed to punish the girl for dressing as a model did not make sense.

Netizens said…

“It’s 2023! The world changes and the school should respond to the change. She didn’t get married. She made money for herself and her family. The school should support her!”

“Let’s find a new school for her!”

“It doesn’t matter! Students can get married and study at the same time. It’s fine as long as that student can focus on her study.”

“Punishment? The teacher misunderstood themselves. Who should be punished?”

According to Thai law, Thai citizens under the age of 17 and high school students, can get married and sign a marriage certificate if the court and the parents or guardians of both parties agree.

Moreover, pregnant students are allowed to continue their studies according to the Act to Prevent and Solve Problems of Adolescent Pregnancy.

The owner of the wedding studio already took down the post, and the school mentioned in the story has yet to clarify the issue to the public.

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