Oil tanker explosion in Thailand kills 8 people, 1 dog, injures 4, impacts 128


Officials have recovered eight bodies from the wreckage of the oil tanker which exploded and caught fire at Ruammitr Dockyard in the Laem Yai district of Samut Songkhram province in central Thailand yesterday.

Divers from the Dhammarasamimaneerat Foundation are no longer searching for bodies as the total number of people missing was believed to be eight. At least five of the victims were Burmese.

Police are questioning four people who were injured in the blast to investigate the cause of the tragedy.

One pet dog, a Pit Bull, was killed in the explosion.

President of the Laem Yai Subdistrict Administrative Organisation Amornsak Chatratin reported that 128 people requested help or assistance because of damages caused by the explosion.

Of those 128 people, 97 are residents of Laem Yai subdistrict, 27 are residents of Bang Chakreng subdistrict and four are residents of Mueang Samut Songkram district.


At 9.30am, a large oil tanker docked in Samut Songkhram province, southwest of Bangkok, exploded and caught fire. At present, one person has been confirmed dead and four people are still missing.

Firefighters from Mueang Samut Songkram Fire Station have got the fire under control at the shipyard Laem Yai subdistrict on the Mae Klong River.

As the tanker was carrying a large quantity of oil, firefighters had to use foam as well as water to quell the flames.

Mueang Samut Songkram Fire Station is currently going live on Facebook from the scene, where smoke still billows from the tanker as of noon.

Deputy Director-General of the Marine Department Phuriphat Thirakhunphisuth said the cause of the explosion is unknown at present. The blast was heard as far as 10 kilometres away, reports say.

The Thai Maritime Enforcement Command Centre reported that the explosion shattered the glass windows of nearby houses resulting in two injuries.

Photos reveal that the explosion caused significant damage to one property nearby.

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