Police and extortion: A case of ‘break-in’ hearts in Thailand

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In a striking turn of events, an alleged victim reported that a police officer attempted to extort 100,000 baht in exchange for not pursuing a break-in case. The officer also offered to help dissolve her case if she entered into an intimate relationship with him.

The victim revealed that the unsettling incident occurred in October last year, in the province of Saraburi. Her car broke down in the middle of the night and a seemingly good Samaritan offered to help push her vehicle. The story took a distressing detour when the man pushed her car into a deserted area and trapped her in a room in his house. With some quick thinking, the woman managed to escape and sought refuge at a neighbour’s place.

On filing a complaint at the police station, she was detained on improper break-in allegations put forward by the same man who had attempted to molest her. Despite the man withdrawing his complaint, the police officer insisted on pursuing the case, claiming it was a criminal matter that couldn’t be withdrawn. The officer, holding the rank of police captain, demanded 100,000 baht (US$2,917) promising he would not charge her or push the case to the public prosecutor. Unable to meet his demand, she managed to bargain down to 10,000 baht, reported Sanook.

Lawyer Kun Jom Palang, after discovering the unjust treatment of the victim, took up her complaint. He stated that the officer in question already had two previous records of seeking undue advantages. This repeated behaviour necessitated that the allegations be addressed righteously.

Deputy National Police Chief, Police Lieutenant General Surachate “Big Joke” Hakparn said the presented evidence and victim’s testimony will be scrutinized thoroughly to determine if the mentioned officer could be charged with dereliction of duty under Article 157.

Big Joke warned the public to be vigilant in case of promises from police officers offering their assistance with legal cases and urged people to contact the supervisor of the respective area immediately. Above all, he reiterated, never transfer money under any circumstances to an officer.

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