Neighbourly mystery: Thai man found dead at home days after last sighting

Picture courtesy of Sanook.

News broke yesterday of a 51 year old man found dead in his home in Bang Khon Thi, Samut Sakhon. The alarming part is that the deceased had been dead for about three to four days, despite neighbours reportedly seeing him alive the day before.

The incident occurred in a single-storey wooden house on stilts, where the dead Thai man Thanet lived alone. His body was discovered by his neighbours, who noticed a foul smell emanating from his house.

Thanet was found shirtless, wearing brown trousers, with no visible injuries. His right hand was covered in a powder.

Thanet was known to spend most of his time working at the local Koh Yai temple. The preceding day, three neighbours confirmed seeing him pass their homes around 2pm. They described his complexion as dark and he appeared exhausted. They hadn’t read too much into it, attributing his state to the intense heat of the day, reported Sanook.

The neighbours were shocked when they found him dead the next day, especially considering the doctor’s estimate that Thanet had been dead for three to four days. One neighbour even argued with the doctor, insisting they had just seen Thanet the previous day. However, as they began to come to terms with the fact, they theorised that it could have been Thanet’s spirit sending them a signal to find and take care of his body.

The police have yet to determine the cause of death, whether it was due to any chronic disease he might have had or if the intense heat was to blame. The body has been sent for a detailed autopsy at Nakhon Pathom Hospital to ascertain the actual cause of death.

As for the neighbour’s sighting of Thanet after his estimated time of death, it is a matter of personal belief. Some believe that it could have been Thanet’s spirit making a final farewell. However, these are subjective interpretations and the reality remains that Thanet’s sudden death is a tragic loss for his community.

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