Refrigerator saves fisherman’s life in southern Thailand

A refrigerator saved a young fisherman’s life when his boat sank off the coast of Krabi province, southern Thailand, on Sunday. He lay in the fridge and floated for six hours until he was rescued by a passing fishing boat.

On Sunday, 33 year old Anat Massoyot from Village 3, Nong Thale subdistrict, Mueang district took his long-tail boat out to fish at Koh Lao Hang island, near Hong Island, alone.

Anat said the weather was good while he was fishing. Out of nowhere, his boat was hit by a big wave. Water slowly filled up the hull and the boat sank in the middle of the sea.

Luckily, Anat kept an old refrigerator in the boat where he kept his fish. He couldn’t see anything for miles, so he crawled into the fridge and prayed to be rescued.

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Six hours later, a local fisherman passed by Anat. He pulled Anat safely out of the fridge, up onto his boat, and took him ashore.

Anat is safe and thankful for his life. The whole incident is all just water under the fridge now.

However, Anat said he doesn’t know what to do now because the boat he used to make a living is gone.

The village chief of Village 3 Somsak Debbut said he mobilized a team to search for Anat’s boat. Yesterday, the team went out to the spot Anat was rescued but no signs of his boat were found.

Somsak said he has contacted the local government to see if they can help raise funds for a new boat for Anat. Local philanthropists, friends, and family have also offered to chip in to get Anat back out at sea.

Last month, two half-Thai half-Taiwanese tourists got swept out to sea while kayaking off the coast of Rayong province in choppy conditions. The men got knocked out of the kayak. One of the men drowned. The other clung to his friend’s body all night until he was rescued by a passing fishing boat the next morning.

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