Rayong warehouse disaster: Government ramps up aid

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A fiery inferno engulfed Rayong’s Map Ta Phut Industrial Park, leaving death and devastation in its wake. The government springs into action, accelerating aid to affected victims and locals.

The catastrophic blaze ignited around 10.30am when a colossal pyrolysis gasoline (pygas) storage tank exploded at Map Ta Phut Tank Terminal. SCG Chemicals Plc, a vital petrochemical subsidiary of Siam Cement Group (SCG), was forced to halt operations in the eastern province as a result.

The flames swiftly spread to a neighbouring tank housing a C9+ hydrocarbon compound, unleashing billows of thick black smoke into the sky. It took until 4.50pm to wrestle the fire under control.

Tragically, amidst the chaos, Nopporn Ruenma, a 33 year old warehouse employee, lost his life. Four others, including three warehouse staff and two firefighters, sustained injuries and were rushed to hospitals.

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin vowed swift action, directing Industry Minister Pimphattra Wichaikul to oversee aid for affected residents. SCG pledged to foot the bill for all compensation.

Addressing concerns about future incidents, PM Srettha emphasised the importance of strict adherence to fire regulations, particularly in the scorching weather.

To reassure the public, officials confirmed that air and water quality remained untainted, with no chemical contamination detected. Affected residents were evacuated under the vigilance of healthcare professionals.

As investigations into the cause of the catastrophe unfold, measures to prevent such tragedies in the future are being fast-tracked, reported Bangkok Post.

Compensation for victims and their families, as mandated by law, is being swiftly arranged, with medical costs and wage payments being covered.

ORIGINAL STORY: Fuelling fury: Map Ta Phut blaze sparks urgent evacuation (video)

A catastrophic blaze engulfed a fuel storage tank in the heart of the Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate, leading to continuous explosions and an urgent evacuation, leaving one person dead and four injured.

The incident, which caused at least one injury, occurred at 10.30am today, May 9, when the Eastern Environmental Monitoring and Control Centre (EMCC) in the Rayong province was alerted to a fire involving a tank containing pyrolysis gasoline.

Upon arrival at the scene, emergency services were met with billowing black smoke and fierce flames emanating from a large gasoline storage tank. One unnamed person was found dead and four were injured, necessitating swift transportation to Bangkok Rayong Hospital.

The Thai authorities successfully evacuated those in the vicinity to safe locations, amidst fears of further explosions, reported KhaoSod.

Despite the relentless efforts of firefighting teams, the inferno proved too intense to extinguish, fuelled by the flammable contents of the substantial storage container.

The local community, already shaken by the sound of the initial blasts, frantically fled the area, fearing additional explosions.

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