Ratchaburi homeowner shoots trespasser claiming self-defence

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A homeowner in Ratchaburi province fatally shot a young man after the latter allegedly attempted to trespass onto his property.

Local police is investigating the incident which occurred at 7.30pm yesterday. The homeowner claimed self-defence, reporting that he fired warning shots before the fatal encounter.

The 42 year old homeowner opened fire, killing a 25 year old man near his residence. The incident, rooted in a confrontation that quickly spiraled out of control, has since become a subject of intense police scrutiny.

Upon arriving at the scene, law enforcement officials found the homeowner waiting with a 9mm firearm. In the garden behind the house, they discovered the body of the young man who had no identification on him. He wore a blue t-shirt, black long pants, and black sneakers and had sustained gunshot wounds to the abdomen, buttocks, and left leg.

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The homeowner recounted that he returned home to find the trespasser in his backyard after his sister had alerted him of someone shaking the doors, attempting to enter the house. With only his sister, his nephews, and an elderly uncle at home, he rushed back, fearing for their safety. Upon confronting the intruder, who appeared inebriated and unresponsive, the homeowner, armed and feeling threatened, fired warning shots. The man, holding an unidentified dark object, continued advancing, leading to the fatal shooting.

The police, led by Deputy Inspector Thanadech Kolongpimai and accompanied by emergency responders, began their investigation immediately. Initial murder charges have been filed against the homeowner as the authorities continue their inquiry, reported KhaoSod.

Meanwhile, the deceased’s body has been taken for autopsy, and efforts are underway to locate his relatives for the religious rites.

In related news, Phuket authorities apprehended a 17 year old boy on March 27 after he allegedly shot a 16 year old boy near the Phuket Mining Museum. The incident was reported to the police around 1.35am, when the young victim was targeted whilst riding his motorcycle. An unidentified man in a white pickup truck approached him and fired a shot, hitting the teenager in his left arm.

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