2-metre long snake coiled around dead body of Burmese man in central Thailand

Photo courtesy of Khaosod.

In a harrowing incident in the community of Wat Samrong Nua, Samut Prakan, a rescue team had a challenging mission to retrieve the body of a 26 year old Burmese man, that involved a 2-metre long snake.

The Burmese man had taken his life in the bathroom of a worker’s dormitory at an old safe production factory. The retrieval took an unexpected turn when the 2-metre long snake was found coiled around the deceased’s body, refusing to budge.

After two and a half hours of struggle, the 2-metre long snake, identified as a python, was eventually subdued and captured by the rescue team, who were experienced in handling snakes. The 2-metre long snake was found slithering close to where the Burmese man ended his life and even coiled around the roof. The incident was reported by Amarin TV.

According to a co-worker of the Burmese man, there is a belief that after a person dies, their spirit enters a snake. This belief gave rise to the thought that the python was circling the body due to the presence of the deceased’s spirit within it. Only after the python was captured could the body be successfully retrieved, reported Khasod.

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