Purrr-perplexing predicament: Python’s toilet tango turns into kitten craving catastrophe

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A 4 metre long python trapped in a toilet in Nonthaburi, Thailand, was found to have eaten three kittens before swelling difficulties led to its rescue. Officials from the Charlie Radio Rescue Centre took more than 30 minutes to extract the snake.

On June 10, at 2pm, Charlie Radio Rescue Centre was alerted to the incident of a large python stuck in the toilet bowl at a residence within the Chonlapratan flea market, Tiwanon Road, Pak Kret District, Nonthaburi Province.

Armed with snake-catching equipment, the team rushed to the scene. The two-story wooden house, old and unclean, had a bathroom in which the python, measuring over 4 metres, was found incorporated into a hole below the toilet bowl, the tail appearing in the bowl. The authorities spent over 30 minutes carefully removing the snake by breaking the hole under the toilet bowl with a hammer, ensuring its tail was disentangled from the bowl.

toilet python
Image courtesy of Sanook

The 63 year old house owner, Duangchai, a trouser repair technician, allowed Charlie Radio’s rescue team to break the toilet bowl to retrieve the python. Once the snake was finally removed, its belly appeared visibly swollen. The serpent was then placed in a prepared sack and released back into the wild.

Duangchai recounted the event with excitement, stating that earlier that day, she had been shocked to discover the python lying comfortably on the bathroom floor. Its lower half could be seen protruding from the cracked hole under the toilet base.

After calling for help and successfully capturing the snake, she expressed her relief. She also mentioned that three kittens had been missing since late the previous night, with their mother cat calling for them throughout the night. It was concluded that the python had likely consumed the kittens, causing the noticeable swelling in its body, reported Sanook.

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