Principal removed after child trafficking allegations in Khon Kaen

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The Director of the Khon Kaen Primary Educational Service Area Office 5 issued an order for a school principal to be removed from their position, following allegations of involvement in a child trafficking ring. The principal is accused of engaging in sexual activities with a 12 year old girl.

Authorities from the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Division, along with the Paweena Foundation, conducted a raid in Khon Kaen province, uncovering a child trafficking network. The school principal was arrested under a warrant issued by the Criminal Court on May 15, this year, and is facing charges of sexual intercourse with a child under 13 years old.

The Director of the Khon Kaen Primary Educational Service Area Office 5, Yongyut Promkaew, revealed that an order has been issued to temporarily remove the principal from his position in Chum Phae district, Khon Kaen province. This measure is to facilitate a thorough investigation into the allegations, said Yongyut.

“The investigation will be conducted swiftly to ensure the matter is resolved according to legal and administrative procedures.”

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The inquiry will determine the validity of the allegations, and if proven true, appropriate disciplinary actions will follow, in line with the criminal proceedings. The seriousness of the allegations necessitates a prompt and thorough investigation to uphold the integrity of the educational institution and the Ministry of Education.

The investigative committee has already called on the accused principal to participate in the disciplinary process. Preliminary findings were shared with the committee yesterday, and a conclusion is expected within the week. Following this, an official order for the principal’s suspension will be issued, and the case details will be forwarded to the police for further action.

Vacant position

In response to the vacant principal position, there are considerations for appointing a nearby school’s principal temporarily. This interim arrangement aims to ensure continuity in the school’s operations and development. A permanent appointment is anticipated by August, as the school, known for its good standards, requires a leader to maintain its progress without interruption.

The crackdown on the child trafficking ring has not only led to the principal’s arrest but also implicated other individuals. Police continue to investigate and arrest additional suspects involved in purchasing services from the 12-year-old student. The authorities are determined to dismantle the entire network and bring all perpetrators to justice.

The educational community and local authorities are deeply concerned about the impact of these events on the school’s reputation and the well-being of the students. Measures are being taken to address these issues, ensure a safe learning environment, and restore confidence in the institution, reported Khaosod.

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