Pregnant woman allegedly abused by soldier husband

Photo via Facebook/ กัน จอมพลัง

A pregnant woman sought help from a Thai influencer claiming that her soldier husband repeatedly abused and beat her. The Royal Thai Army (RTA) ignored the woman’s claims.

The Thai influencer, Guntouch “Gun” Pongpaiboonwet, aka Gun Jom Palang, today accompanied the 30 year old pregnant woman, A, to the RTA Headquarters to seek justice. The victim visited the army headquarters in a wheelchair as her health and pregnancy were seriously affected by the attack.

The woman revealed to reporters that she met her husband, Duke, in June of last year and moved in with him and his mother at a welfare dormitory in the 21st Infantry Regiment Queen’s Guard in Chon Buri.

Duke abused her for the first time in October of last year because he thought she was talking with another man on the phone. He attacked her while they were dining at a restaurant and kept beating her when they arrived home. Duke’s mother witnessed the assault but did nothing to help.

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A explained that she forgave Duke after he apologised but the situation did not get better. A added that she was attacked in November and December of last year, and in January this year when she was three months pregnant.

The latest attack almost killed her baby. Duke pushed her onto the bed, jumped on her body, and strangled her. She ran out of the room to seek help but he chased her, dragged her back to the room, and attacked her again.

Duke apologised to her again and later confessed that he had an affair with another woman. She decided to break up with him and moved out to live with her sister. Duke kept contacting and threatening her and her sister, so she filed a complaint with the police.

A stated…

“Every time he attacked me, he did not care how much it hurt or how much I bled. He would attack until he is satisfied. He always told me that he suffered more than this when he was in soldier training. He said I was a bad person and deserved the violent attacks.”

Several officers from the RTA contacted her and urged her to drop the complaint. Those officers insisted that they would provide her with compensation and punish Duke according to the soldier’s rules. However, Duke was not punished, and he still contacted her.

A was worried that she would not receive justice because Duke is a high-ranking soldier and the son of an army instructor, so she asked for help from Gun.

Gun and A agreed to 200,000 baht in compensation from the RTP. However, the army did not punish Duke as they promised and convinced A to sign an official document to drop all the complaints against Duke.

Gun said in an interview with the media today that he was threatened by someone as well. Gun said…

“One authority, who did not introduce himself, contacted me and asked me to step out of this issue, saying it is not safe for me. Am I going to die for helping a pregnant woman? Let’s see.”

The RTA and the relevant departments have not yet clarified the issue with the public.

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