Pregnant Burmese woman begs thief to return 240,000 baht’s worth of gold

A pregnant Burmese woman turned to social media to convey her heart-wrenching disappointment and appeal to a thief for the return of gold accessories valued at over 240,000 baht, which were stolen from her.

The Burmese victim shared an image of now-empty gold containers along with a video capturing her emotional plea on social media. In the video, she tearfully disclosed that the stolen gold accessories constituted her sole possessions.

These items were intended to be sold to cover the hospital expenses for delivering her baby. She earnestly implored the thief to show compassion and return the valuable items.

Channel 3 later interviewed the pregnant woman about the theft. The 26 year old victim revealed that she had been working as a maid in Thailand for more than 10 years and kept buying gold accessories until she had 240,000 worth of gold.

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The Burmese woman explained that she had collected the gold accessories to use in future emergencies. She is now six months pregnant and due to give birth in March, 2024. The cost of delivery and treatment will be around 60,000 baht and she was planning to sell some gold accessories to cover the cost.

The woman said she came across the empty containers on November 27. She returned home after floating a Krathong with her daughter and opened the wardrobe to prepare clothes for her daughter to change after a shower.

She said she kept the gold containers in the wardrobe and rarely checked them but her instinct made her decide to check the gold that day. There was no sign of a break in either in the wardrobe or in her home. Other valuables were present, except for the gold accessories.

The victim added that she was unable to lodge a complaint with the police. Officers told her that she had no evidence of theft and no document confirming that she was the real owner of the gold.

The Burmese woman said she had spent half her life saving the gold and was now in trouble. She hoped the thief would see the news and at least feel sorry for her children.

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