Prayut’s 70th birthday sparks lottery number frenzy in Thailand

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The 70th birthday of former Prime Minister and Privy Councillor Prayut Chan-o-cha yesterday sparked a flurry of activity among lottery enthusiasts eager to jot down lucky numbers associated with Big Tu for the upcoming draw.

Prayut, born on March 21, 1954, served as Thailand’s 29th Prime Minister from August 24, 2014, until his term ended on August 22, 2022, totalling eight years and 363 days in office. Subsequently, he was appointed the 18th Privy Councillor of the Kingdom of Thailand on November 29, 2022.

The significance of these dates and numbers has not gone unnoticed by those who believe in the power of lucky lottery numbers. The convergence of Prayut’s 70th birthday with his historical milestones in Thai politics has provided a trove of hot numbers for lottery ticket buyers hoping to strike it rich in the draw scheduled for April 1.

The numbers that have captured the imagination of the public include Prayut’s birth year (2497), his age (70), his position as the 29th prime minister, the duration of his tenure, and his recent appointment as a Privy Councillor. These numbers are seen as auspicious by many, who are rushing to purchase lottery tickets featuring these digits in various combinations, reported Sanook.

As the lottery draw date approaches, the excitement among those who have chosen numbers related to Prayut’s life and career milestones continues to grow. Whether or not these numbers will prove to be fortuitous remains to be seen, but for many, the thrill lies in the possibility of chance aligning with fate to deliver a windfall.

In related news, the Government Lottery Office (GLO) issued a warning about the risks associated with purchasing lottery tickets from unauthorised platforms and automated vending machines.

The concern arises from incidents where buyers have not received the physical lottery tickets, potentially compromising their ability to claim prizes. With the rise of various online platforms and vending machines claiming to sell lottery tickets without official endorsement, buyers are urged to exercise caution and only purchase from authorised representatives.

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