Thailand government warns against lottery ticket scams

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The Government Lottery Office (GLO) issued a warning about the risks associated with purchasing lottery tickets from unauthorised platforms and automated vending machines.

The concern arises from incidents where buyers have not received the physical lottery tickets, potentially compromising their ability to claim prizes. With the rise of various online platforms and vending machines claiming to sell lottery tickets without official endorsement, buyers are urged to exercise caution and only purchase from authorised representatives.

The Director of the Government Lottery Office, Hnun Sansanakom, announced that the public should be wary of non-official agents selling lottery tickets. The GLO has no policy or contracts with such agents. This warning follows reports of buyers being exploited by purchasing tickets at inflated prices, with some sold for more than the standard 80 baht. The GLO’s concern extends to situations where buyers may be unable to claim their prizes if they win.

The GLO has reiterated the importance of buying lottery tickets directly from authorised dealers or through the Pao Tang app, where digital lottery tickets can be purchased at a fixed price of 80 baht each. There are 23 million digital tickets available per installment, and buyers can select any number they prefer through this straightforward process.

Additionally, the GLO has launched the Digital Lottery Panel, a new channel through which agents can sell digital lottery tickets directly to the public. The starting date for this service was last Sunday, March 17 for the April 1 installment. The GLO emphasises that any price exceeding 80 baht, or any additional service charges pushing the total cost above this amount, indicates that the tickets are not from the official digital lottery panel.

The GLO also reminds agents and those who pre-book tickets that reselling them through online platforms, websites, or vending machines violates the terms of their contract, reported KhaoSod.

The GLO reserves the right to terminate contracts with agents who engage in these unauthorised sales practices.

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