Police seize one million meth pills in Chiang Mai operation

Police and paramilitary forces in Chiang Mai intercepted a drug trafficking operation, seizing one million methamphetamine pills and launching a manhunt for the suspects. The operation took place yesterday when officers from multiple agencies coordinated their efforts to target a notorious smuggling route.

Officers from the Fang Drug Suppression Unit, in collaboration with the 3201st Paramilitary Ranger Company, the Phamuang Force, and Border Patrol Police 334, responded swiftly to intelligence reports.

The operation was conducted in the area of Pong Hai village, on the road between Pong Hai and Huai Pa Sang, in Mae Ai district, Chiang Mai province.

The Drug Suppression Unit received information that a smuggling ring intended to deliver a substantial quantity of methamphetamine to a drug syndicate. The drug traffickers had temporarily stored the narcotics by the roadside, concealed under banana leaves, awaiting pickup by their associates.

Upon inspection, officers discovered five modified burlap sacks, each containing 200,000 methamphetamine pills, totalling one million pills. As the officers approached, the traffickers managed to flee, evading capture. Despite their escape, the significant drug haul was secured and taken as evidence.

The seized methamphetamine was subsequently transferred to the Mae Sao Community Police Station in Mae Ai district, where it was logged as evidence. The narcotics were then handed over to the investigators at the Fang Drug Suppression Unit for further examination and to aid in the ongoing investigation, reported KhaoSod.

Methamphetamine, commonly known as Yaba in Thailand, remains a significant issue, with large quantities often smuggled through the northern borders. The collaboration between the various law enforcement agencies ensured swift action, highlighting the seriousness of the battle against the drug trade.

In separate news, police in Plaibang issued a formal apology to a family after a dramatic drug chase led officers to fire a gun, causing great distress to a grandmother and her six year old granddaughter. The incident unfolded when the suspect’s car crashed into the family’s wall.

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