Police in Isaan Thailand search for man allegedly caught skinning a cat

Villagers in the Isaan province Udon Thani are being advised to look after their pets after a woman said she came across a man skinning a cat outside a nearby temple. The man fled, leaving only the cat skin at the scene. Police are now searching for the man.

The village chief spoke with Thai media about the incident, saying there had been no other cases like this in the community before. She says all residents have been warned to take care of their pets, adding that officers are working on tracking down the man.

Apparently, the villager saw the man removing the catโ€™s skin and hanging its meat on a nearby tree. When she approached him, she says the man dared her to make a report to the police. She says the man looked to be about 45 to 50 years old, and he wasn’t a resident of the community.

There was a rumour that in some parts of Thailand, particularly in the Isaan provinces, some people cat or dog meat for special occasions. However, many people from the northeastern region have come out insisting that it isn’t a special dish for them, especially the new generation.

SOURCE: Khaosod | Naewna

Police in Isaan Thailand search for man allegedly caught skinning a cat | News by Thaiger

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