Police accused of raping and blackmailing woman

Photo via Facebook/ สายไหมต้องรอด(Saimai Survive)

A 21 year old woman accused a Khlong Ha Police Station sergeant major of getting her drunk before raping her. The woman also alleged that the police officer recorded the rape to blackmail her into having sex with him again.

The co-founder of the non-profit organisation Saimai Survive, Acharn Opasthanakorn, accompanied the victim, Bee, to file a complaint against the police officer yesterday. Acharn reported that Bee sought help from the organisation because the offender was a police officer and she was afraid that she would not receive justice.

According to Bee, the incident happened on Monday, March 20. She and her friend had dinner at a restaurant in the Khlong Hok neighbourhood in Pathum Thani province near Bangkok. The police officer, who was her friend’s ex-boyfriend, met and invited them to a bar.

While at the bar, the police officer repeatedly urged Bee to drink more alcohol until she was drunk. She then said tried to go home but the officer persuaded her to stay and then the three of them went to another bar and offered to take both women home.

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Bee agreed and the officer drove her and her friend to another bar. Her friend sat in the front seat, while she fell asleep in the back seat. Upon arriving at the bar, the officer dropped off her friend and then drove to a nearby hotel with Bee and raped her.

Bee said that her boyfriend became suspicious when he noticed her location on his phone and found her at the hotel. Bee’s boyfriend rushed to the hotel but the staff would not let him in.

The police officer then forced Bee to go to another hotel with him. She had to go because he threatened to blackmail her with the rape video. She was sexually assaulted again at another hotel. She then called her friend at 5am to pick her up.

According to Sanook, the superintendent of the Khlong Ha Police Station, Piyawat Phatchanittayatham, admitted that the accused officer had served in the investigation department for over 10 years.

Piyawat said the suspected officer denied the allegation and told him that he was very stressed. Piyawat promised that he and the Royal Thai Police would provide justice for both parties. The suspect will be questioned today, and further investigation on the case will be conducted.

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