Pickup truck overturns and catches fire in Ban Lat district, killing two

Photo Courtesy Bangkok Post

A tragic accident occurred in Ban Lat district, Phetchaburi, when a heavily laden pickup truck overturned and caught fire, resulting in the deaths of a man and a woman. The incident took place near kilometer marker 157 on the south-bound Phetkasem highway in Tambon Samo Phlue and was reported to the 191 emergency center around 5:45am.

Upon receiving the distress call, police and rescuers hastily arrived at the scene, where they discovered an Isuzu pickup truck engulfed in flames, lying upside down. The vehicle was carrying an extensive load of cargo. Firefighters managed to extinguish the blaze in about half an hour, after which they pried open the doors to retrieve the bodies of the driver and passenger. The deceased individuals were identified as Jaksumeth Rong-am and Jareewan Onthamma, both aged 32 years old. Their remains were subsequently transported to a nearby hospital, where they will be collected by family members reports Bangkok Post.

Authorities are presently conducting a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding this unfortunate event to determine the cause of the accident. As vehicular accidents remain a persistent concern both in Thailand and worldwide, it is crucial to ensure that necessary precautions are taken and that drivers remain vigilant and cautious on the roads to prevent such tragedies as much as possible. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the potentially life-altering consequences of road accidents and underscores the importance of road safety measures for all motorists and passengers alike.

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