Cell caper: Phone shop employee steals mobiles worth 400,000 baht

Photo courtesy of Channel 7 News

A phone shop employee took advantage of the store owner’s trust after working for a full year, and stole 10 mobile phones worth more than 400,000 baht.

A Facebook page posted a warning message about a phone store employee stealing 10 phones, including iPhones today, January 15.

“Warning about a fraudster embezzling more than 10 iPhones and models of other brands at Tor Tao Lang Tung shop. Her boyfriend had also stolen phones at another shop and fled to another country. I’m afraid that if the thief is still at large, she will also flee.

“She is at large for another criminal case in Surat. She’s come to work in Chon Buri, and she is doing it again. If anyone has any information, please don’t hesitate to contact the page. There will be a reward. Don’t let bad people go unpunished. #dangerous person Please help share.”

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CCTV footage has been posted which captured the moment the thief put 10 cell phones in a bag, then cleared the table before closing the shop door and rushing into a sedan, reported Channel 7 News.

Reporters travelled to a department store in Ban Bueng District, Chon Buri, and found a mobile phone shop with many models and brands. The shopkeepers, Nareerat and Patcharin showed evidence to reporters, including CCTV footage and photos of the perpetrators, as well as a police report from Ban Bueng Provincial Police Station.

Upon interviewing the two shopkeepers, the thief was identified as 27 year old Athitaya or Mai, who was an employee of the shop and had been working there for a year. The shop had always trusted her. However, empty boxes which previously contained the phones were left in the cabinet.

The shopkeepers urged anyone who spots Athitaya to come forward and report to police.

In related news, a Turkish tourist thanked Mueang Pattaya Police Station officers for the swift arrest of a 13 year old Thai boy who stole his mobile phone.

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