Phetchaburi police hunt for killer after man shot 14 times

A brutal murder on the streets of Phetchaburi has local police searching for a cold-blooded killer who shot a 30 year old mobile trader known for his good looks, multiple times in broad daylight. The assailant, captured on CCTV footage, pursued the victim, Suthat, on a motorcycle before firing at close range and then fleeing the scene.

The incident occurred around 8.30am today when Police Lieutenant Colonel Sunantha Rodphet of Phetchaburi’s Mueang District Police Station received a call about a shooting along Phetkasem Road. Joined by Police Major General Wanchai Khao Ram, the district police chief and medical examiners, Sunantha rushed to the site—a derelict parking lot just 3 metres from the main road.

At the scene, they discovered a Honda Scoopy motorcycle with the registration plate 1กน5421 Phetchaburi lying on its side, its rider, Suthat dead. He was found wearing an orange full-face helmet, blue long pants, a white T-shirt with a cartoon pattern, and a green jacket.

The victim had been shot 14 times with a 9mm handgun in various parts of his body, including under the right ear, neck, chest, abdomen, arm, and back. Further down the road, investigators found four 9mm shell casings scattered over a 60-metre stretch.

Initial inquiries revealed that Suthat was returning home after dropping off his 7 year old daughter at school. Surveillance footage showed a man in a purple long-sleeved shirt and shorts tailing the victim on a grey and black Honda Scoopy before drawing a gun and unleashing a barrage of bullets.

The attack caused Suthat to lose control and crash into a fence post at the abandoned parking area, where the gunman walked up and fired additional rounds before escaping on his motorcycle.

Arkom, a local leader and the victim’s uncle commented that Suthat was a handsome man with a sweet manner of speaking, attracting several women. However, about four months ago, Suthat had been attacked by a group of teenagers, which led to legal action. The group had been apprehended, but whether they had any connection to this murder was uncertain.

The victim’s father, 65 year old Thong, revealed that before the murder, an anonymous man had called the victim, accusing him of being too close to his fiancee. Suthat denied the allegations. Thong hoped that the police would be able to trace the call and find evidence to bring the perpetrator to justice.

Police investigation

Phetchaburi’s police investigative units have been working tirelessly to gather more evidence and locate the suspect to bring him to account for this heinous crime.

The community is in shock, and the callousness of the murder—a daylight execution followed by a cold-blooded final act—has left the local population both terrified and outraged.

The police are urging anyone with information to come forward to ensure that the perpetrator is caught and justice is served for Suthat and his grieving family, reported KhaoSod.

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