Thai minimum wage: Coalition parties and industry council engage in discussions

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Eight Thai political parties agreed to support a Thai minimum wage increase to 450 baht (US$13) per day and continued discussions with the Federation of Thai Industries about moving the bill forward.

Pita Limjaroenrat, leader of the Move Forward Party (MFP), emphasized the excellent cooperation within the coalition government.

The MFP leader informed INN News that the atmosphere during the meeting with the eight coalition government parties was amicable, and everyone worked together without any divisions. He added that making deals among these parties was not about fixing internal conflicts but rather achieving common goals.

The 42 year old MFP chief stressed that the meetings held to discuss and consult with coalition government parties before forming the government is a new approach to working collaboratively, which aims to include all sides in solving problems, as well as engaging the public.

At the same time, Pita, in his capacity as the leader of the main party forming the government, reiterated the policy of raising the Thai minimum wage to 450 baht (US$13) per day. He stated that the economic committee should discuss this matter and relayed that after an initial consultation with the Federation of Thai Industries, the necessity of increasing the minimum pay rate was emphasized. This was about GDP and inflation numbers, and Pita mentioned that if the private sector desires supportive measures, the government is ready to listen.

The MFP leader also raised concerns about media freedom in Thailand after a local pay-TV provider blocked a BBC profile about him. During a news conference, Pita addressed the issue, stating that press freedom must be rectified and made tangible in the country. Read more about the story HERE.

Pita and his team are also working to make Thailand a top destination for LGBTQ+ tourists by supporting and promoting LGBTQ+ acceptance. Read more HERE.

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