Bangkok bids to host World Pride 2023, promoting LGBTQ+ acceptance

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Bangkok is preparing to host the highly anticipated World Pride event in 2028, with Move Forward Party (MFP) leader and deputy prime minister Pita Limjaroenrat unveiling the ‘Road to Bangkok Pride 2023’ campaign. This landmark event aims to celebrate diversity, foster equality, and establish Thailand as a premier LGBTQ+ tourism destination.

After Sydney, Washington D.C., and Amsterdam, MFP leader Pita expressed his intention to bring World Pride to Bangkok in 2028. He highlighted that this international event goes beyond promoting tourism and serves as a platform to raise social awareness, equality, and freedom for everyone.

Furthermore, Pita believes that pride should not be limited to June’s Pride Month but should be celebrated always. He also mentioned that June 4 will be the date for Bangkok Pride, which aims to celebrate and engage the public.

The 42 year old MFP leader stressed that the importance of Bangkok Pride extends beyond economic benefits. The event aims to foster understanding, respect, and equal rights for all citizens.

As part of the new government’s pledge to support the LGBTQ+ community, Pita commented on the inclusion of their commitment in the Memorandum of Understanding and the party’s preparation of 45 draft laws to be presented to the House of Representatives. Two of these drafts are specifically related to gender equality:

1. Amendment to the Civil and Commercial Code (Equal Marriage)
2. Gender Identity Recognition Act

The passage of these legislations is a priority before hosting World Pride or any other event. It is essential to showcase to the Thai public that embracing diversity is the country’s strength and represents both its soft power and hard value.

Pita concluded by emphasising Thai society’s conviction that “people are equal,” regardless of gender, status, religion, or physical condition. Successfully addressing these issues will make hosting World Pride in Bangkok much easier.

During Pride Month last year, Bangkok hosted its first LGBTQ+ parade since 2006. Read more of the story HERE.

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