Social media stress sparks ‘rash’ decisions: Medical mystery solved for overworked Thai man

Image courtesy of Khaosod Online.

A young man shared a distressing experience on social media about overworking, which led to an unusual rash all over his body within just three days. Despite multiple medical tests, all the results came back normal.

The doctor’s advice was simple yet crucial: Get some quality sleep for two days. This incident serves as a warning about the potential harm that can result from neglecting rest and overtaxing the body’s immune system.

The young man had been working excessively, with workdays exceeding 20 hours, and was unable to manage a regular sleep pattern, adding to the strain.

His routine job took up about 16 hours of his day, while the remaining hours were spent on livestreaming activities. This lifestyle, though exhausting, was something he had been battling through until his body started showing peculiar signs.

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He noticed a rash on his arms and legs. Initially, he didn’t suspect anything serious. However, the rash became more pronounced after a day, causing alarm. The spots were red and densely clustered, which led him to fear that it might be a case of dengue fever.

The situation was distressing enough to stop him from going out and prompted him to visit a hospital to ascertain the cause of the rash.

The doctors conducted blood tests, but all the results were normal. They then advised him to rest for two days and engage in enjoyable activities as part of his recuperation process.

On the fourth and fifth days, the intense red rash on his arms and legs had significantly faded, as though it had never occurred. The only medication prescribed by the doctor was an antihistamine and a sleeping pill.

His sharing of this experience on social media raised concerns among netizens, who also shared their experiences and advised the young man that insufficient rest could potentially affect the brain and lead to severe illness in the future, reported Khaosod Online.

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