Noodle shop heroes stir up town chatter with double life-saving feat

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Noodle shop employees became the talk of the town after saving two lives in a single day. Security footage from the Prathong Noodle Shop on Prajak Road in Udon Thani captured these extraordinary events yesterday, July 1.

A foreign male customer, while dining at the restaurant, began choking on his food. His Thai wife quickly attempted to help by administering the Heimlich manoeuvre but it was the swift intervention of the shop staff that ensured his safety.

Two workers, Piyathida Pimpha and Sorchart Phanomai, shared their experiences. They recounted the crucial life-or-death moment when Piyathida noticed the foreign customer choking while she was preparing noodles. The man appeared to be suffocating and losing consciousness.

His wife, who was seated opposite him, stood up to help by using the Heimlich manoeuvre. Simultaneously, Ploy, the shop owner, noticed the commotion and quickly rushed over. She took over and continued the manoeuvre until the man was able to breathe normally again. The customer’s wife mentioned that her husband frequently chokes on food.

At around 4pm on the same day, a new employee experienced a seizure and fell off a chair. Again, Ploy quickly administered first aid and called emergency services, who transported the worker to the hospital. Unfortunately, the new staff member has not returned to work since the incident.

Both staff members expressed their shock at the day’s events, noting that such occurrences were unprecedented at their shop. They commended their boss, Ploy, for remaining composed and acting decisively during these critical moments, whose quick thinking ensured the safety of both the choking customer and the employee suffering from a seizure, reported KhaoSod.

These dramatic events highlight the importance of vigilance and readiness in emergencies. It underscores the value of having staff trained to handle such crises, ensuring the safety and well-being of everyone present.

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