Isaan bar brawl hits sour note: DJ assaulted, girlfriend miscarries

Photo via Facebook/ Chinorrod Yoidoungchai

A Thai bar owner in the Isaan province of Nakhon Phanom physically assaulted a DJ for leaving his desk to go to the bathroom. The victim claimed the fracas also caused his girlfriend to miscarry.

The Thai DJ, Chinorrod Yoidoungchai, shared details of the physical assault and pictures of his injuries on his Facebook account on Sunday, June 30. The pictures showed his bloody hands and face. Chinorrod disclosed that the assault took place while he was working at a bar along the Mekong River in Nakhon Phanom.

“This happened at a bar near a clock tower, along the Mekong River. The bar operates over time, and the drunk owner is evil. The owner and his friends locked up my girlfriend and the gang attacked me, the bar’s DJ. They slapped me with a gun until my nose was broken.

This happened because I went to the bathroom after playing for over two hours. I left a mixed-set playlist on while going to the bathroom but the owner thought I finished my shift early. They attacked me even though I had just had surgery a few days ago.”

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Chinorrod stated that he already filed a complaint with the police against the bar owner and his friends. He later updated that his girlfriend miscarried because of the incident and she is now suffering from abnormal vaginal bleeding.

Chinorrod’s girlfriend revealed to Channel 3 that the attacker was one of the bar’s shareholders. The attacker told her and her boyfriend that he was not worried about the police because he knew some high-ranking officers who could help him.

The woman added that she and her boyfriend were lucky to escape from the scene. The couple was worried about not receiving justice and decided to bring the matter to Channel 3 and other Thai news agencies.

Chinorrod stated that he could not retrieve CCTV footage of the incident because the owner had unplugged the security camera at the spot where he and his friends assaulted him. The police have yet to reveal the next step of their investigation.

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