Netizens slam cannabis firm for encouraging underage users

Photo via C.Veasarach

Thai netizens raised questions about the easy accessibility of a cannabis vending machine that has mysteriously appeared in Bangkok.

Last Saturday, a Thai Twitter user, C.Veasarach, posted a picture of a cannabis vending machine in Bangkok, although did not state its exact location, named This Machine Is Green, with a caption that said…

“Here it is… This is a vending machine responding to the new cannabis law. The machine offers tools on how to use cannabis. I’m wondering if they are asking customers to show their ID cards before buying, but who will check it? Does the machine have an ID card reader device? I really want to know because I haven’t bought it before.”

The pictures feature a green vending machine with a screen showing different products related to cannabis, such as ground cannabis, grinders, roll cones, and more.

There are a few cautionary statements printed on the machine which say…

“Prescription: Do not sell to people aged under 20 years old (Please show your ID card every time before buying). Do not sell to pregnant people and lactating women.”

“Warning: Smoking cannabis in public is illegal and results in a penalty of up to 3 months in jail and a fine of up to 25,000 baht.”

“Cannabis is used for medical purposes only”

Many other netizens agreed with the post, that the cannabis machine is not suitable and way too easily accessible. Some urged officials to investigate the machine, while some believe the machine belongs to a huge and privileged investor. Other netizens added there were many machines offering cannabis coffee even before cannabis was decriminalised.

Tuneesearai, the company that developed the cannabis vending machine, announced via its official Twitter account that it is a start-up company and didn’t benefit from any big investors.

The company insists that there is staff monitoring each machine and customer and that the staff verify every customer before they use it. The company also promised that they would tighten their measures and better their machine system to comply with the cannabis laws.

Netizens are still waiting for more clarity from Tuneesearai on the company’s policy for medical use.

SOURCE: Prachachart | Dailynews

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