Neos Air takes off on Milan-Brno-Phuket route: Thai welcome extravaganza marks grand inauguration

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Neos Air‘s maiden flight on the Milan-Brno-Phuket route was greeted with a vibrant Thai traditional welcome dance and personalised greetings, organised by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT).

The spectacular event aimed to immerse passengers in the richness of local culture, enhancing their travel experience.

Italy’s Neos Air, with Flight NO216, officially launched its operations on this exciting route, landing at Phuket International Airport on December 20. Scheduled to operate weekly until April next year, the airline seeks to establish a seamless connection between Milan, Brno, and the tropical paradise of Phuket.

Chiravadee Khunsub, TAT Executive Director of Europe, Africa, and Middle East Market Division, presided over the welcome ceremony.

“The event illustrates Thailand’s famed hospitality and warm welcome, while elevating the Amazing Thailand brand and the kingdom’s position as a preferred tourist destination.”

During December this year to April next year, Neos Air’s flights promise convenient travel options between Milan, Brno, and Phuket, potentially boosting arrivals to 3,750 from Milan and 2,079 from the Czech Republic.

To sweeten the deal, the TAT Rome Office and Alpi Tour are collaborating to offer exclusive tour packages, catering to honeymooners, luxury travellers, and families. Simultaneously, the TAT Prague Office and Cedok in the Czech Republic are spearheading marketing campaigns focusing on Neos Air’s flights between Brno and Phuket, reported TAT Newsroom.

Recent statistics show a surge in visitors from Italy and the Czech Republic. From January 1 to December 15, Thailand welcomed 169,160 Italian visitors, with projections pointing towards an increase to 180,000 by year-end. On average, Italian tourists spent approximately 17.2 days per trip, contributing around 70,000 baht per person. Similarly, Thailand welcomed 44,579 visitors from the Czech Republic during the same timeframe, with expectations to reach 50,000 visitors by year-end, spending an average of approximately 63,786 baht per person.

In related news, Sudawan Wangsuphakijkosol, the Thai Minister of Tourism and Sports, extended a warm welcome to a large contingent of Chinese media representatives and influencers on December 26. Their visit was part of the Amazing Festive & Exclusive Trip in Thailand, a grand event scheduled from December 21 to 28. The event saw the participation of more than 93 Chinese influencers, all with the shared mission to showcase Thailand’s vibrant tourism industry to Chinese audiences.

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