Mystery surrounds drowning of missing 2 month old found under home

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A 19 year old mother reported her 2 month old child missing before the baby was found drowned under the house. Police are investigating how the child fell as there was no apparent gap in the sleeping area for the baby to have fallen through.

Veena (surname withheld), 19, informed the Pak Kret Police that her 2 month old son disappeared from their home in the Rung Reuang Nivet Village, in Tiwanon Soi, in Pak Kret district of Nonthaburi province. She said that she was asleep with her mother on a sleeping pad in the living room.

She only became aware of the missing child after finishing errands and noticing the baby was not at his sleeping spot. Initially, Veena assumed somebody from the neighbourhood had picked her baby to play with, as it was a common occurrence. However, no one in the vicinity claimed to know his whereabouts.

After hours of fruitless searching, Veena decided to file a complaint with the police. She explained that the delay was due to her assuming someone from the community had picked up her child, which had happened in the past. On that particular day, the family who usually played with her child was out of town.

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The doors to their home were always left open, allowing neighbours to move in and out of the house. That morning, a contractor had visited the house for maintenance, prompting the baby’s grandmother to take the child out of the house to play on the sleeping pad. The baby was found drowned under the house at 10.10pm by first responders who arrived to help with the search. The tragic discovery left the family heartbroken.

Police have brought in family members for questioning to determine the exact cause of the incident, as it remains unclear how the 2 month old child fell from his sleeping spot and drowned under the house with no visible opening for him to fall through.

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