Mysterious body of foreigner floating in Sattahip bay

Photo courtesy of Pattaya Mail

Sattahip police received a distress call from a vigilant local fisherman who stumbled upon a body about 500 metres offshore near an island in Sattahip Bay on December 16.

Rushing to the scene, an elite team of investigative police and a search and rescue unit were met with the sight of an unknown male, clad in nothing but black shorts, his head submerged and wedged against the rocks. With precision, authorities hoisted the lifeless figure onto their vessel, commencing a journey to the shores for closer scrutiny.

Initial observations hinted at a potential 3 to 5 days since the individual’s demise. Though the preliminary examination raised no red flags of foul play, authorities exercised caution in handling the case.

The deceased bore a striking resemblance to an earlier report of a potential drowning near Lung Sawai restaurant in Na Jomtien on December 12. However, search operations for that incident were prematurely halted due to murky information from witnesses, leaving the case shrouded in uncertainty. Astonishingly, no one has stepped forward to report a missing person tied to either occurrence.

As investigators connect the dots, a geographical conundrum unfolds— the reported drowning and the body’s discovery are separated by 40 nautical miles, casting doubt on any direct correlation, reported Pattaya Mail.

Armed with photographic evidence, the police embarked on a widespread outreach, liaising with local hotels, Sattahip police stations, and authorities in Chon Buri and Rayong provinces. Their mission: to unravel the identity of the mysterious figure and, hopefully, unearth any missing persons, particularly foreigners.

The investigation continues

The journey takes a sombre turn as the deceased’s remains journey to the Police General Hospital’s Forensic Science Institute in Bangkok for identity confirmation, ensuring that the investigation presses on. Urging the public to lend a hand, the police plea for information, urging those with even the smallest detail to come forward promptly.

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