Murder suspect spends victim’s valuables and flees to Pattaya

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A Thai man suspected of killing his boyfriend in a condominium in the central province of Nonthaburi hid himself in Pattaya and narrowly escaped arrest yesterday, May 29.

The murder of the 54 year old man, Paisarn Thong-on, came to light on May 26 after residents reported an unpleasant smell coming from his room, leading to the discovery of his body with over 10 stab wounds across his body.

The main suspect is the victim’s boyfriend, who was seen on CCTV cameras with Paisarn before his death. The identity of the suspected murderer remains undisclosed.

The alleged murderer reportedly absconded from the condominium with Paisarn’s valuables and stayed at the a five-star hotel in Bangkok for two nights. Subsequently, he acquired gold bars exceeding a value of 1 million baht on May 25 and 26.

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The suspect concealed his identity by always wearing a black hoodie and a face mask at all times. After selling Paisarn’s mobile phones at MBK shopping mall, he changed into a brown hoodie and travelled to Pattaya. Police tracked him to a hotel on Soi Pattaya 11, but he managed to escape before they could arrest him.

Authorities suspect the perpetrator planned to flee Thailand for Cambodia, prompting a call for vigilant monitoring by border checkpoints in Chon Buri, Trat, and Sa Kaeo in Isaan.

A mobile phone shop at MBK reported that a man in a dark blue shirt was seen following the suspect, believed to be the victim’s spirit due to the shirt’s color. Paisarn’s brother stated that he will not hold a cremation ceremony until the murderer is apprehended and believes his brother’s spirit is following the suspect with ill intent.


ORIGINAL STORY: Thai man wanted for killing his boyfriend at condo in Nonthaburi

Police are searching for a Thai man who allegedly killed his boyfriend by repeatedly stabbing him in a condo room near the Ministry of Health in Nonthaburi province near Bangkok.

A 42 year old Thai woman, residing on the fifth floor of the condominium, detected a strong, unpleasant odour emanating from a room on the sixth floor above hers. Several days before the odour, she had also overheard a heated argument between two men. Suspecting something amiss, she reported the incident to the police yesterday, on May 26.

Officers from Mueang Nonthaburi Police Station and rescuers from the Ruam Katanyu Foundation investigated the mentioned room. The room was locked from the inside, prompting police to hire a locksmith to force entry.

A rescuer, Chartchai Klaewkruea, told MGR Online that bloodstains were everywhere in the room. Under multiple pillows and blankets, he and his team discovered the dead body of a Thai man, later identified as 54 year old Pisarn Thong-on. He bore more than 10 stab wounds across his body.

Officers suspected that Paisarn was murdered about four or five days before his discovery. Paisarn’s neighbour, who lived in the third room next to him, supported this timeline, saying he had heard Paisarn and another man arguing late at night.

The neighbour added that he heard a man screaming for help and decided to report the matter to the condominium staff but did not follow up until the police came to investigate the room.

Police reviewed security cameras at the condominium to identify the murderer and spotted a suspicious man, believed to be Paisarn’s boyfriend.

On May 20, at around 10.23pm, Paisarn was seen driving his car, a grey Toyota Yaris, into the condo car park. He exited the vehicle with his boyfriend and went up to his room on the sixth floor.

Paisarn’s boyfriend was then seen leaving Paisarn’s room and searching for something inside Paisarn’s car. The boyfriend returned to the condo room before leaving the premises at 4am.

Officers faced difficulties in identifying the suspect, as he wore a black hoodie and a face mask to conceal his identity. Police are now investigating Paisarn’s car to find fingerprints that may lead to the identification of his boyfriend.

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