TikTok video: Thai mother’s unique trick to soothe crying baby goes viral (video)

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A TikTok video of a Thai mother calming her crying infant has gone viral, thanks to an unconventional method that surprisingly worked. The trick? She pretended to converse loudly with an imaginary friend outside the house. The video was posted by TikTok user @mommy_chicky and gained over 6.5 million views, with netizens applauding the mother’s creative approach.

In the TikTok video, the mother is seen soothing her loudly crying baby. Suddenly, she pretends to shout at someone outside, asking what they’re doing and not acknowledging her upset child for a moment. After the mother jokingly asks her imaginary friend, Uncle Cherd, about what they’re cooking and if they’ve got plenty of catfish, she thanks him.

The result was unexpected. The baby stopped crying and started looking at the mother with curiosity. The mother, now confident that her child had stopped crying, turned back to the camera, signalling that this method had indeed worked.

“Some days I just don’t know what else to try.”

Once the TikTok video was posted, it quickly went viral, attracting more than 6.5 million views. The social media community flooded in to comment, praising the mother’s innovative idea of pretending to talk to an imaginary friend to soothe her child.

They were relieved that the child stopped crying quickly, or else the mother might have had to continue her pretend conversation with Uncle Cherd for quite a while, reported Sanook.


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