Mother exposes child adoption scam on Facebook

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A mother filed a complaint after discovering that con artists have used her family’s photos in a Facebook child adoption scam.

The deceptive posts, which circulated widely online, brazenly sought caregivers for children, with statements such as:

“Looking for a girl to adopt, a generous reward offered, will provide education until graduation.

“Seeking someone to adopt a newborn today, message us now.

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“A one-year and one-month-old girl has found a home for 120,000 baht.”

The public’s reaction was swift and scathing, with many questioning the legality of such actions and condemning them as potentially trafficking-related.

The controversy intensified as netizens harshly criticised the operation, with some suggesting that it could be tantamount to human trafficking. The attention led to the revelation that such groups had been previously targeted in online takedowns, and that there were several others engaging in similar practices.

The latest update yesterday saw Facebook user Chompunoot Phakaew posting her experience after filing a police report at Tha Wang Pha Police Station in Nan Province earlier in the day. She expressed shock that her family had become entangled in such a scheme, stating that she had reported the misuse of their images, which were associated with false claims of child adoption offers and fraudulent financial transactions.

Chompunoot emphasised that her family had no knowledge or involvement in the incidents reported in the news, clarifying that the child in question is indeed her biological offspring and not adopted in any way, reported KhaoSod.

The woman warned others not to be deceived by fraudulent acts, exclaiming the absurdity of the idea that a mother would carry a child for nine months only to sell them to someone else.

In related news, in a thought-provoking revelation just ahead of Thailand’s National Children’s Day on January 13, experts warn that the nation faces a dire threat of a lost generation. Despite the usual festivities, academics point to a pressing need for immediate action to secure the well-being, protection, and education of Thai children.

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