Missing Thai actress’s body found in Chao Phraya river, Bangkok

Photo by Flickr/Uwe Schwarzbach.

The body of Tangmo, the Thai actress who fell in the Chao Phraya river on Thursday night, was found by a rescue team this afternoon. Rescuers from the Ruamkanyu Foundation reported finding Tangmo’s body flaoting in the river at around 1:10pm. Eakpan Bunluerit, a Thai actor who also happened to be volunteering in the search, confirmed the body was Tangmo’s.

The body was floating near Pibul Songkhram 1 pier in Nonthaburi. Police sealed off the area to give Tangmo’s family and friends privacy, holding back a large crowd of media staff. The police then took the body for a post-mortem examination at the Central Institute of Forensic Science of Thammasat University Hospital to determine the cause of death.

Tangmo had been on a pleasure cruise with five of her friends when she fell in the river. Investigators noted yesterday that the boat’s toilet was broken. Someone told them that Tangmo had gone to the back of the boat to relieve herself, and it was assumed she accidentally fell in.

Tangmo was 37 years old, and had starred in many Thai soap operas. She had an adopted daughter.

The Bangkok Post reported this morning that if Tangmo was found dead, the driver of the speedboat she fell from would be charged with negligence causing death. The driver’s full name is unknown right now, and he is only identified as Mr. Por. An unnamed source told the Bangkok Post Mr. Por contacted investigators and agreed to be questioned and answer to any charges.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post | Bangkok Post

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