Phuket officials pass out Covid-19 “survival bags”.

Photo by PR PHuket.

Phuket officials handed out Covid-19 “survival bags” to residents of the Kamala area yesterday. The bags contained food and medical supplies, and were given to high-risk people self isolating, many of whom have lost livelihood from not being able to work. So far there are no details available about how many bags were given out.

The chief of the Phuket Provincial Public Health Office said there have been more home-isolation patients getting assessed and treated through online healthcare since infections have risen in the past few months. On Thursday, the chief assured the public that almost all new Covid-19 cases are “green” patients, patients with mild symptoms or none at all.

Phuket’s economy has been ripped apart by Covid-19. The island province relies heavily on tourism for income, and the number of tourists plummeted from 14,800 a day on average in 2019 to 500 a day on average in 2021. At one point, the average monthly income in Phuket fell to 1,961 baht per month.

SOURCE: The Phuket News | The Phuket News | The Phuket News

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