Military-backed senators refuse to back MFP form a government

Photo via Facebook/ พรรคก้าวไกล - Move Forward Party

Military-backed senators yesterday told the Move Forward Party (MFP) that they won’t be helping them form a government. The MFP need at least 376 members to form a coalition government but Thai senators said that they won’t be getting any votes from them. They will have to find the votes from somewhere else if they have ambitions to run the country.

The MFP claimed victory in the 2023 General Election in Thailand after their policies resonated with the majority of the Thai people. As a consequence, the party’s prime ministerial candidate, 42 year old Pita Limchareonrat, is in line to be the 30th PM of Thailand.

The MFP reportedly claimed 152 seats according to the General Election’s unofficial result by the Election Commission of Thailand (EC). Pita announced yesterday that he had invited elected MPs from the Pheu Thai, Prachachat, Seri Ruam Thai, Thai Sang Thai, and Fair (Pen Dham) Parties to form a coalition government which would bring the total up to 310 seats.

However, the MFP needs at least 376 members to form a coalition government and secure the votes necessary for Pita to become the PM. However, most of the Senate wants the party which finished third, Bhumjaithai Party, to join the new government.

One of the senators, Chalermchai Fuengkhon, reported yesterday…

“I have been a senator for four years and it is impossible for Move Forward to hope for votes from senators. They should seek more members. They should invite Bhumjaithai Party to join.

“Senators do not consider the party that got the most votes from the people. You know who appointed each senator. They have their groups. There are only 20 independent senators. I am not sure if they will vote for Pita. I will vote for the party that can gather enough members.”

Thai senators
Chalermchai Fuengkhon | Photo via The Secretariat of the Senate

Another senator, Wanchai Sornsiri, also gave an interview with Channel 3 about the coalition government.

“It is not the time to guess who the senators will vote for or whether they will vote for Pita or not. I think we have to see if Move Forward can gather enough members from other parties or not. Many senators express their standpoint saying gaining the most votes does mean that you will be the government.”

Senators vote PM in Thailand
Wanchai Sornsiri | Photo via Facebook/ ทนายวันชัย สอนศิริ

Senator Kittisak Rattanawaraha added…

“The prime minister, for me, must include criteria like loyalty to the nation, the king, and religion. The PM must believe in the democratic form of government with the king as head of the nation.”

Thai senate members
Kittisak Rattanawaraha | Photo via Thaipost

Senator Saki Pitakkumphon expressed another angle.

“The election result shows me the voice of the majority which I as a senator cannot refuse. Thai society has to respect a democratic system. If what we select is not good, we have the right to change after four years. If we insist on democracy, we have to respect the voice of the people. Using special powers cannot help Thailand out of a conflict.”

Thai senators
Saki Pitakkumphon | Photo via Facebook/ UNHCR ประเทศไทย

Pita, however, remained confident in the MFP’s ability to form a government.

“Everyone must accept the consensus of the people. The disregard for their voice will not benefit anyone including the senators. We promised to turn the opposition parties into a government to give hope to the people. We have over 300 MPs, and that is fine according to a normal political system. I do not think that anyone will dare to go against the consensus. This is the intention of the people.”

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