Massive illegal gambling hub in Nonthaburi busted with 300 held

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A major illegal gambling den, with daily transactions estimated at 100 million baht (US$2.8 million), was raided by the Department of Provincial Administration in Bang Yai district, Nonthaburi Province. The operation, which took place at 9pm yesterday, March 19, resulted in approximately 300 gamblers being detained.

The clandestine establishment, disguised as a single-story warehouse in the Bang Mae Nang sub-district, was fortified with three layers of steel doors. Once breached, police discovered numerous gambling rooms with tables for baccarat, dice, and other games. Over 60 CCTV cameras were installed to monitor the activities within.

Gambling chips worth up to half a million baht (US$14,000) each were seized, amounting to an estimated total value of 300 million baht (US$8.3 million), along with a significant quantity of untaxed playing cards. Three bank accounts associated with the gambling operation were also frozen.

The owner of the gambling den admitted to running the operation, which had reportedly been in business since late last year. Despite being located in the heart of a community, no direct connections to influential figures or politicians in Nonthaburi have been confirmed. The gambling den is not believed to have relocated from another area, and there is no clear evidence that the owner has been involved in other gambling operations.

The gambling den was notable for its size, with 16 gaming tables categorised into different zones. The outer zone catered to players with less money, using cash, while the inner zone attracted high rollers using high-value chips. Moreover, three VIP rooms were discovered on the premises.

Investigators are determining whether the building was rented or owned by the gambling operator. A safe opened during the raid contained a large amount of cash, believed to be in the millions, and chips potentially exceeding 10 million baht (US$280,000) in value, reported KhaoSod.

At 10pm, Minister of the Interior Anutin Charnvirakul arrived to inspect the scene. The raid was live-streamed via the DOPA Channel, showcasing the special operation conducted by the Department of Provincial Administration to dismantle the large-scale gambling ring in the Bang Mae Nang area.

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