Lottery frenzy hits Thailand ahead of Chinese New Year

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As the festive season of Chinese New Year beckons, lottery fever grips Thailand, with enthusiasts eagerly anticipating the draw today, February 1. The blend of Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day sparked a surge in lottery ticket sales, with a particular focus on numbers associated with these celebrations. The government lottery office, however, has yet to commence its travelling draw for this period.

Among the most sought-after numbers are lucky digits like 39, 26, 28, 86, 18, 89, 88, 84, and 08. These numbers are not only culturally significant but are also believed to bring wealth and prosperity in the year ahead. The Chinese New Year, which falls on February 8, has further influenced the lottery market, with numbers such as 09 for the day of offerings and 10 for the day of temple visits prevailing as popular choices.

The Chinese calendar itself has contributed to the frenzy, with the numbers 245, 536, 24, and 45 being snapped up by hopefuls. Valentine’s Day, celebrated on February 14, is also leaving its mark, with the number 14 being in high demand.

The prime minister’s recent visit to Chiang Mai and Ranong, where he was accompanied by more than 115 Thai tycoons, has also piqued the interest of lottery fans. The license plates of the vehicles used during his visit, including a Volkswagen with the plate นก 9999 in Chiang Mai and an Alphard with กง 888 in Ranong, have been noted for their auspicious numbers.

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In the realm of respected monks and their followers, the numbers associated with the late revered monk Phra Khru Udomthampilas (also known as Phra Ajarn Paiboon Akkathammo) are being sought after. The numbers 83 and 38, representing his age, as well as 63 and 36, signifying his years as a monk, have been sold out at lottery stands. Additionally, the date of his cremation, January 25, with the numbers 25 and 52, has been highly sought after, reported KhaoSod.

Another revered figure, Luang Por Put of Wat Luang Por Somwang, who passed away at 89 years old, has left an impact. This year marks the 25th anniversary of his passing, with his birth year of 2453 also being of interest.

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Further adding to the lottery craze are the numbers associated with a giant python spotted coiled around a tree in Khon Kaen with the license plate ขท-2149 and the tragic news from Suphan Buri, where the numbers 23 and 32 sold out following a significant local event.

A statue of the revered grandmother Sri Prathumma at Khamchanot Temple, which has the number 3 marked on its right arm, has been interpreted as 37 and 73. Additionally, the number 70 has been spotted on a holy water scoop at the temple.

The phenomenon of the leaning Buddha, a statue with a 60-degree inclination, caught the eye of lottery enthusiasts, who are also monitoring the numbers associated with the school where it’s located.

Finally, the registrations of celebrity vehicles are also fuelling lottery enthusiasm. The number 2448 from a vehicle at a high-profile event, the numbers 94, 147, and 854 from a religious ceremony attended by Hai Aphaphon, the number 8618 from Chotika’s new car registration, and 8752 from the new vehicle of Patumrat’s family have all become part of this lottery craze, encapsulating the spirit of hope and excitement that accompanies the promise of prosperity in the new year.

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