4 year old boy falls to his death from 23rd floor of Bangkok condo

Tragedy struck the Jomthong district of Bangkok yesterday when a four year old boy fell to his death from the balcony of a 23rd-floor condominium on Rama II Road. The family had only just moved into the condo on the day of the heartbreaking incident.

Bangmod Police Station officers visited the 26-storey condo at about 4pm yesterday after receiving reports of the fall. Officers discovered the lifeless body of the boy, Witsanuwat “Java” Kittaratakarn, outside the condo. His aunt, 31 year old Thaksana Manowatcharakorn, was seen crying near his body.

Java was seen lying face-up on the footpath within the condo premises. He was wearing a brown short-sleeved shirt and dark blue shorts. His body was dark and bruised from the impact of falling from a high balcony. Java’s body was transferred to the Siriraj Hospital for an autopsy.

Thaksana kept crying and could not provide any details of the incident to officers. Police and the rescuers had to calm Thaksana down until she could tell the officers what had happened before the fall.

Thaksana explained that she and her older sister who is the mother of Java just moved into the condo on that day. Before the incident, she was staying in the room on the 23rd floor alone with Java as his mother went out to work.

Thaksana stated that she was busy unpacking when Java sneaked out to the balcony. She forgot to lock the balcony door, causing the accident.

A similar accidental falling was reported in mid-January when a three year old boy fell from the fourth floor balcony of an apartment in Soi Rama II 50 in the Bang Khun Thian district of Bangkok.

The boy’s mother, 22 year old Nareerat, said she was busy looking after another child when the accident happened. The boy was reportedly standing on a laundry basket to watch the children playing downstairs, leading to the accidental fall.

Another child safety incident was reported two days ago when a Thai father accidentally left his two year old son in a locked pickup. Fortunately, the boy managed to unlock the door before the rescue team could force their way in.

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