Lorry crash in Chachoengsao blocks bridge lane

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A 22-wheel lorry crashed into a bridge railing in Chachoengsao province after the driver fell asleep, causing debris to scatter and blocking one lane. A motorcyclist following behind collided with the debris and was injured.

Teep Mailuekdee, an investigator from Ban Pho Police Station, received a report at 3am today, July 3, about a lorry crashing into the bridge railing on the Lam Pradu-Pa Yoong Yao Road in Lam Pradu, Ban Pho District, Chachoengsao. Emergency responders from Chachoengsao Rescue Unit and Ban Pho Hospital were dispatched to the scene.

The incident involved a 22-wheel Isuzu lorry carrying a container. The lorry had the licence plate 72-8887 from Samut Prakan, and the trailer had the licence plate 73-4461 also from Samut Prakan. The lorry had overturned on the bridge, obstructing one lane. The driver, 42 year old Wichai, sustained injuries.

Nearby, on the road beside the bridge heading towards Ban Pho, 24 year old Anusorn had been driving a Honda Wave motorcycle with the licence plate 1กฒ9708 from Chon Buri. He had crashed into large pieces of concrete debris and was lying injured on the road. Emergency personnel quickly transported him to Ban Pho Hospital.

Wichai explained that he was on his way to deliver goods in Prachin Buri when he fell asleep while ascending the bridge. This caused him to lose control of the vehicle, which hit the concrete railing. He tried to steer away but ended up crossing lanes and crashing into the railing again, causing concrete debris to fall onto the road below.

“The lorry overturned on the bridge, and Anusorn, who was riding behind, didn’t see the large chunks of concrete on the road. He crashed into them at full speed, causing his motorcycle to skid nearly 30 metres before he fell and got injured.”

Police are investigating the incident and ensuring the safety of the bridge. Traffic management measures have been implemented to clear the debris and redirect vehicles to prevent further accidents. The road will undergo necessary repairs to fix the damaged sections.

Wichai and Anusorn are receiving medical attention, and their recovery is being closely monitored. The police will determine further actions based on the investigation findings.

A representative from the Chachoengsao Rescue Unit urged all drivers to ensure they are well-rested before starting their journeys, especially for long distances, to prevent such incidents, reported KhaoSod.

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