Loan shark allegedly attacks pregnant woman, causing victim to lose baby

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A Thai woman accused a loan shark of attacking her at her home in the northern province of Phetchabun, causing her to lose her unborn baby. The accused loan shark denied responsibility and demanded proof of her pregnancy.

The victim, 45 year old Chusri, asked Amarin TV and other news agencies to spread her story and help her seek justice. Chusri claimed that she was two months pregnant and planned to go to the hospital for antenatal care on January 8 but the attack caused her to lose her baby before the scheduled appointment.

Chusri revealed that her uncle had borrowed 20,000 baht from a female loan shark and had been repaying his debt at a rate of approximately 2,000 to 3,000 baht per month. On the day of the incident, her uncle was not at home when the loan shark arrived to collect the debt, prompting him to request that Chusri give the loan shark 1,000 baht.

According to Chusri, the loan shark declined to accept the money, insisting on the full 3,000 baht. Despite Chusri’s suggestion that the loan shark communicate directly with her uncle, the loan shark refused and resorted to physical violence.

The loan shark subjected Chusri to repeated kicks and punches to the stomach. In a desperate move, the loan shark attempted to attack Chusri with a knife, but her assault was thwarted by a passing neighbour on a motorcycle who intervened and saved Chusri from further harm.

Chusri said she felt pain in her stomach and blood was coming from her vagina. She rushed to the hospital only to find that she already lost her baby. She reported the matter to the loan shark but she did not apologise or offer any compensation.

Proof of pregnancy

Chusri’s uncle, 71 year old Somchai, revealed with Amarin TV that he borrowed 20,000 baht from the loan shark, and was charged 10% of interest. He paid back the money every month apart from the last two months.

Somchai added that this loan shark was well known among locals in the area and many people borrowed from her every month. He had never heard of or experienced her abusive collection practices before.

The district chief intervened and summoned both parties to his office to find a solution and the compensation Chusri demanded. The loan shark refused to pay compensation saying Chusri needed to prove she was pregnant.

The two parties are still unable to resolve the issue and Chusri is now undergoing a medical examination to prove her pregnancy.

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