Karaoke bar owner nabbed for trafficking girls in Thailand

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Authorities have arrested a karaoke bar owner for allegedly trafficking underage girls from Thailand and Laos, some under 15 years old, into sex work.

Today the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) conducted a raid, led by Police Major General Sarawut Jantawong and his team, apprehending 63 year old Rombai at her establishment in Pakkad District, Bueng Kan Province.

The operation was initiated following a tip-off that the karaoke bar was covertly offering sexual services to Thai and Lao girls under the age of 15, charging customers between 3,000 and 3,500 baht per session, with the establishment earning a 300 baht commission per transaction.

The police devised a sting operation to expose and arrest Rombai, simultaneously rescuing several young girls trapped in the human trafficking ring within the bar.

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During interrogation, she denied knowledge of the employees’ ages, claiming unawareness that any were younger than 15.

However, the Thai authorities were sceptical of her statement, particularly as one of the victims was found to be her husband’s niece, suggesting Rombai would have known the girls well, including their ages.

After the raid, Rombai was taken into custody and faces human trafficking charges for the exploitation of minors in prostitution.

The investigation continues as law enforcement works to dismantle any further operations involving the sexual exploitation of children, reported Khaosod.

The case has highlighted ongoing challenges in combating human trafficking and the exploitation of minors in the region.

Authorities remain vigilant, urging the public to report any suspicious activities to aid in the protection of vulnerable individuals from such illegal and exploitative practices.

In an equally haunting case, the authorities in Phuket conducted a sting operation at a local karaoke bar after uncovering evidence of minors being exploited for prostitution.

A 13 year old was found among those being offered up for sexual services. The operation, spearheaded by high-ranking police officials, led to the arrest of the 39 year old owner, who confessed to knowingly profiting from the illicit trade.

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