Jealous rider stabs girlfriend, locks her in rented room

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A rider consumed by jealousy violently attacked his girlfriend with a knife, leaving her severely injured and locked inside a rented room in Pathum Thani. Her cries for help alerted neighbours, who then called her son to rescue her and rush her to the hospital just in time.

At 8.30pm yesterday, the Deputy investigator of Pak Klong Rangsit Police Station in Pathum Thani, Pisit Chongcharuwong received a report of a stabbing incident in a rented room located in Mueang Pathum Thani district.

Following the report, the police swiftly arrived at the scene, accompanied by a team of investigators and volunteers from the Ruamkatanyu Foundation.

The crime scene was a row of connected rented rooms where the foundation’s volunteers were found providing first aid to 48 year old Suksan. She had sustained multiple knife wounds, one to her right chest, one under her right breast, two to her right arm, and one to her right leg.

Due to the severity of her injuries, she was immediately transported to Krung Siam St. Carlos Hospital. Inside the room, signs of a struggle were evident, with belongings scattered and broken, and a blood-stained broken knife was discovered.

A 64 year old neighbour, Somdee recounted hearing cries for help. Unable to enter the locked room, she ran to another neighbour to seek help, as the injured woman continued to fight for her life.

Somdee sought out the victim’s son, who was playing snooker nearby and brought him to the scene. Upon arrival, the son broke the door down and found Suksan lying in a pool of blood, critically injured.

The suspect, believed to be Suksan’s boyfriend of five to six months, had fled the scene. He worked as a food delivery rider while Suksan assisted her younger brother in selling meatballs.

The couple frequently argued, with the boyfriend described as highly jealous despite Suksan’s friendly nature.

Surveillance footage revealed that the suspect had fled in a car after the stabbing. Authorities are now on the lookout for the suspect to bring him in for questioning and legal proceedings, reported Khaosod.

The incident highlights the dangers of domestic violence and the critical role that neighbours and quick actions can play in saving lives.

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