FDA discovers steroids in herbal drink: The Phi brand faces legal action

The Thailand Food and Drug Administration (FDA) uncovered a shocking revelation regarding a herbal drink under The Phi (เทพี) brand, which translates to “goddess” in Thai. The drink, known for its exaggerated claims of curing various ailments such as allergies, disk herniation, and rheumatoid arthritis, was found to contain steroids by the FDA.

The FDA became suspicious of the product’s seemingly impossible benefits, as the blend of herbal tea and black galangal boasted a wide range of health advantages, including the relief of joint pain, back pain, waist pain, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, allergies, pinched nerves, period pain, and detoxification properties.

Today, the FDA disclosed their findings after conducting thorough investigations into the herbal drink. They discovered that the product’s manufacturing license had been revoked by the authorities over two years ago, since February 16, 2021.

Further examination of the product using a preliminary steroid test kit confirmed the presence of steroids, which are considered strictly controlled drugs requiring a doctor’s prescription. Improper and prolonged usage of steroids can have detrimental effects on various body systems, including weakened immune systems, increased susceptibility to infections, thinning of the stomach lining, stomach ulcers or gastric bleeding, growth inhibition, osteoporosis, fatigue, muscle weakness, heart palpitations, and even heart failure.

As the manufacturing location was in Khon Kaen province in the Isaan region of Thailand, the FDA collaborated with the Provincial Public Health Office to conduct inspections and closely monitor the product. Any violations found will be subject to legal action. Consequently, consumers are strongly advised against purchasing any herbal drink products under “The Phi” brand.

This incident echoes a similar case from last year, where the FDA issued a warning to consumers regarding an erectile dysfunction coffee marketed under the brand “Gomex Coffee.”

The coffee, produced by PY Intergroup Col, Ltd., in Nonthaburi province near Bangkok and distributed by Nice Good Deal company, posed risks of blindness and heart failure.

The FDA discovered that the coffee contained Sildenafil, commonly known as Viagra. The product had gained credibility among customers due to its brand ambassador, the renowned former Muay Thai boxer Somrak Khamsingh.

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